I'm a visual artist using a range of photographic techniques - both traditional and digital - to create expressive, often abstract images.

I didn't start out this way. Mine was a traditional photographic education that equipped me to be a photojournalist, and I worked for many years as an editorial and documentary photographer. I still enjoy and admire such work, but I have found my artistic voice elsewhere. 

I find inspiration from a wide range of sources - visual and aural - but as I write abstract impressionism is most obviously (and consciously) influencing my work.  Studying the work and words of artists including Newman, Hoffman, Stamos and Rothko has encouraged me to move away from photography's traditional boundaries. It’s not a path I tread alone. There are many artists I admire who are on similar journeys, Chris Friel, Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery among them.

Increasingly I am using art to try to understand and express my feelings about mortality. Having lost several friends and a daughter within the last couple of years I’ve had to confront death directly. The trio of projects: Short Stories of Loss and Hope; Before We Were Here…; and, I Am Not The Rain explore my feelings as I move through loss, uncertainty, realisation and hope.

The inspiration for my Blood series is my youngest daughter’s bone marrow illness, Diamond Blackfan Anaemia. Heidi is a delightful child who thrives despite having to have monthly blood transfusions.

Reflecting on my artistic journey, I have come to realise that, instinctively my art has moved from being an exploration of ‘other’, to one of ‘self’. My images, including those that are apparently of traditional subjects, are all an expression of my feelings rather than a representation of the thing photographed.